Valentina Ortega

AGILE AND LETHALValentina Ortega

Valentina, or Ortega as she prefers to be called, is grace and death in combat, moving nimbly between enemies and focusing each shot to provide maximum and continuous damage. Unlike others in her team, she prefers to carry two heavier weapons rather than having a side arm, allowing her more flexibility to take down her enemy.

Born and raised in Colombia, Ortega joined the local police and worked her way up to being a part of the anti-cartel units. She was a trooper even before her enemy changed from drug gangs to monstrous dinosaurs, and watching too many friends die has steeled her resolve and made her cling more to her religious roots. In the thick of battle though, all else disappears and she counts every kill with bitter satisfaction.

  • Combat High

    Sustained damage dealing and kills charges the ability that, once triggered, enters her into a heightened combat state

  • Dash

    Performs a quick lateral dash in the direction of movement to allow to evade attacks and exploit exposed weak points

  • Weapon Master

    Able to equip two primary weapons in lieu of a side arm