Sunetra Chawla


With a background in biological research and conservation, Sunetra is the go-to in the team for information and knowledge. Drawing from her deep experience with reptiles, she has a keen eye that she utilizes to detect enemy weaknesses and use their instinctual nature against them.

Born and raised in India, Sunetra Chawla spent the majority of her life studying invasive species and how rising temperatures de-stabilize their ecosystems. Through numerous successful publications and her ability to adapt and implement her learnings in the face of the dinosaur thread, she immediately became a valued part of the ERA and a member of the EX-U. Using her keen understanding of animal behaviour and weaponizing pheromones in a surprisingly efficient manner, she is able to provide keen insight in battle and holds her own in the face of danger, despite having had only limited military experience.

  • Field Researcher

    The closer team members stand to Sunetra, the more their affliction damage resistance increases

  • Pheromone Trap

    Sunetra throws a glass container that shatters on impact, coating the enemy with an irresistible scent that makes nearby raptors attack it

  • Scientific Observation

    Sunetra Identifies and highlights a weak hitzone for a 'super-critical hit' to all team members



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