Rosy Mevoungou

STEADY AS A ROCK Rosy Mevoungou

Rosy is the first and last line of defense on the battlefield. Armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry, she can break through the relentless onslaught and provide a defensive line for her comrades to fall back to.

Hailing from a Cameroonian farming family, Rosy’s upbringing was one filled with tinkering and maintenance of the plantation’s numerous machinery. When the dinosaurs attacked, it was her years of heavy lifting, along with her unbreakable spirit, that kept her alive. She has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Extinction Unit by providing a calm, cheerful and unyielding presence in the thick of battle.

  • Field Repairs

    Will gradually restore damage to any unbroken health segment

  • Positive Reinforcement

    Rosy commends the team for performing well, triggering a health regen and defensive boost to nearby players

  • Static Barricade

    Deploys a conductive pylon that can be used to create an electrical barrier between multiple points