Second Extinction

The First Supply Drop is about to land!

How is the war against the mutated dinosaurs going out there? Are you ready for some refreshments?

Last week we shared the updated Roadmap with you and that our first pre-season First Blood’s Supply Drop #1 is embracing for impact. If you’ve kept updated this is what your eyes will have spied…

  • New Contracts and New Clues – Something stirs in the dark… Complete new Contracts to unravel the first narrative threads behind the dinosaur menace.
  • Are You Hard or Insane? – Turn the pain up to 11 and earn new Nameplates in two new difficulty settings.
  • Fix Up, Look Sharp – various bug fixes for graphics, audio, and UI among others.

Supply Drop #1 will land on November 18.

Until then share your best plays and gameplay clips so we can feel confident in your competence and not throw you to the wolves when the new difficulty settings arrive.

You can share your clips on our Twitter or in the #community-brags channel on our Discord.


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