Second Extinction

Supply Drop #3 – Patch Notes

Supply Drop #3 has just landed! Many fixes focus on the vicious crashes you’ve been experiencing and will hopefully let you have some smoother sailing ahead while you slay dinos.

Aside from that, we’ve brightened up the world after receiving feedback on it being too dark, and you should now have the door open for you in the Black Site mission, making it possible to complete for everyone.

You can see the complete list of fixes below, and remember if what’s bothering you isn’t on there – report it here, and if you have reported it, know that the team is looking into it and will push a fix once there is one ready.

On May 27th, Pre-Season 2’s contract will become available, both for Xbox players who’ll get their first shot at them and for Steam players who had their window cut short last time they were available. Worth noting is that you’ll have to complete all the Pre-Season 4 contracts to get to Pre-Season 2’s, which will follow from beginning to end (any previous progress on Pre-Season 2’s contracts will not be carried over). This means that it is possible to complete the same contract again, possibly resulting in duplicate cosmetics for some. If that happens, it’ll be fixed in a future update.

We hope you enjoy the fixes and as always, let support know if you run into any issues and continue filling up the feedback channels on our Discord with your great ideas and feedback. We read all of it!

General Improvements

  • Added Seasonal Contracts from Pre-season 2. They will be available from May 27th
  • Adjusted the controller rumble settings ⭐


  • Can’t Touch This achievement will no longer be granted after the tutorial mission is completed

Crashes and black screens

  • The crash that occurred when players were using the map during a mission has been fixed
  • Players should no longer crash in ‘Basic training’ during combat with dinosaurs
  • The crash that occurred during multiplayer sessions in the Homebound mission has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where players ended up with a crash after killing an Acid Raptor
  • The crash that randomly happened after a few minutes during the mission or expedition has been fixed
  • Random crashes from explosions while in combat should no longer happen
  • Fixed an issue where players ended up with a crash while staying idle in the respawn insertion map
  • The game no longer freezes if the user signs out while in the Privacy Policies screen
  • The user is no longer stuck on a black screen after returning to the Title Screen from the Main Menu


  • Fixed the issues that caused some parts of the world to be very dark ⭐

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Button’s Label ‘Toggle Rewards Preview’ no longer disappears after activating 3 contracts from the Board
  • Button’s Label ‘Find Random Player’ is displayed properly
  • Excessive Settings buttons are no longer displayed when navigating in the ‘Main Menu’
  • An error message is now prompted when the LAN wire is disconnected while the user is in the Main Menu
  • Players now get displayed a user-friendly message about lost connection whenever the connection is lost during an online session
  • The text in the Newsfeed menu is now scrollable

Missions and progression

  • The door in the Black Site mission should no longer remain locked, making it possible for you to complete the mission ⭐


  • The matchmaking system should no longer fail to search for additional players

⭐= Changes made from community feedback and reports.


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Second Extinction is out now

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