Second Extinction

Supply Drop #2 – Patch Notes

The second Supply Drop has just landed, and it’s filled with a bunch of goodies that should make your play sessions smoother and more enjoyable.

We want to thank you for continuing to report the bugs and issues you encounter. Being part of the Second Extinction community during our Early Access journey means you have much more influence over how the game takes shape than what will be possible after the full launch.

We are so happy that you’re taking that opportunity to tell us what you’d like to see in our feedback channel on Discord (join here), answering our Discord polls, and continue being our eyes and ears out on the battlefield, reporting the issues you encounter via the bug report form. We read every post and really appreciate it!

To highlight your contributions in helping us make the game better, we’ve brought back the patch notes’ stars . They show which changes were made as a direct result of your feedback and reports.

Notable Updates

  • Health Stim interrupt mechanic now only occurs on heavy hits
    • The health stim interrupt mechanic was added to introduce a bit more strategy to its use. However, coupled with the reduction in carrying capacity it was far too punishing in its initial implementation. Now only heavy attacks that would stagger the player should interrupt the use of the stim.
  • Dialog System Improvements
    • The dialog system has proven to be a tricky beast to wrangle into shape across the network, and you have likely noticed a lot of lines triggering out of context. The Audio team has been hard at work, making the system far more robust.
  • Grenade Launcher
    • Many QoL fixes have been made to the Grenade Launcher, most notably the Aim Down Sight pose no longer tries to use the 3rd eye one meter above the player’s head.
    • Both damage falloff and the fuse timer have been tweaked to make placing shots much easier. Be careful, though. Grenades now deal self-damage to discourage spam
    • KNOWN ISSUE. An issue has been found with hit detection after some optimization work to enemy collision. This is being addressed for a future update but some improvements in its reliability have been made when impacting smaller and unarmored enemies.
    • We hope that the fact that explosions now send enemy bodies flying again is a sufficient apology for the above.


Abilities and Perks

  • An issue where the Dragons Breath perk on the shotgun sometimes was rapid firing has been fixed. ⭐
  • Deep Pockets Perk now works for the SMG. ⭐
  • Grenades with the Impact Detonator perk no longer explode twice.
  • Grenades’ indicator light no longer persists after detonation.
  • Satchel Charge no longer stays attached to a movable object after exploding.


  • Drop pod no longer plays falling sound after landing.
  • Diggers play correct fleshy audio when dealt a non-armored headshot.
  • Fixed issue where Homebound VO played when the player moved between airfields.
  • Homebound Objective complete VO no longer plays on top of each other.


  • It is now possible to complete the following contracts; ⭐
    – Anger Management
    – Overrun
    – Close and Personal
    – Live Subjects
  • The following contracts chains will now unlock correctly; ⭐
    – Low Bullet Count, High Kill Count 2
    – Assault Rifle Rookie 2
    – Beginning of The Hunt
    – Crowd Control
  • Added missing objective text to the “Enraged Herd” contract. ⭐
  • “Claiming the Crown” contract now has its reward description. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where some players would lose an unlocked skin after a crash. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where contracts would sometimes not unlock until after the player restarted the game. ⭐
  • Containers salvaged in low threat regions now count towards the ‘Maintaining Control’ objective. ⭐
  • Correct criteria tags added to “Rapid Deployment” and “Hard Target” Contracts.
  • “Resourceful” contract image no longer displays an incorrect image.
  • Contract chains now progress correctly.

Crashes and Black Screens

  • Fixed issue where the player crashed when a contract was claimed. ⭐
  • Respawning should no longer result in a black screen. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where the player crashed when a player rejoined the game session.
  • The game no longer crashes when players are splitting up in the mission Homebound.


  • Rex is less exploitable by players attempting to lead it outside of its combat zone.⭐
  • Enemies no longer make the player slide around on contact.
  • Fixed issue where Assault Rifle wasn’t able to destroy the Diggers plates.
  • Some players weren’t getting loot from Enraged T-Rex’s, they do now.
  • Fixed Raptor corpses floating.
  • Increased the size of the damageable area for the Diggers head.


  • Fixed a terrain issue where the player was able to get stuck under the respawn camp in Magna Petram. ⭐
  • Removed yet another mysterious floating cube, this time from the southern airfield in Nova Ridge. ⭐
  • Drop pods no longer land in trees in the Aga Cost region.
  • Corpses in the Magna Petram region are no longer floating.
  • Fixed issue in the Magna Petram region where underground rock columns clipped to the surface.
  • Fixed texture gap in a road in the Nova Ridge region.
  • Reduced Drop pod window opacity for a clearer view.
  • Fixed issue where some overmutated egg assets were floating in the air.
  • Stopped forklift clipping through the ground.
  • Smoothed terrain in areas where aggressive dips occurred.
  • Fixed issue where players could see through terrain when falling from a great height.
  • Fixed an issue where the road was intruding on an emergency cave.
  • The gate is now aligned with the guides in the Black Site facility.
  • Previously floating roads are no longer floating.
  • Enraged dinos should now be easier to find in Aga Hills and Vultus Bay.


  • Improved lighting transition when moving between interior and exterior areas.
  • Fixed issue where shooting at moss triggered concrete material particles.
  • Low-resolution dirt and burn effects were previously displayed on ERA dropship parts. This has now been improved.
  • Improved low-resolution snow decals.

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to select a secondary weapon and a health stim with the mouse after resetting the account. ⭐
  • Fixed one of the issues that made a duplicate Rocket Launcher appear in the Armory, however, there is still one issue remaining which means it might not be solved for all yet. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where some players were unable to close the ‘Controller Disconnected’ prompt. ⭐
  • Changing the language now affects all parts of the menus immediately. ⭐
  • Clarified the text about which dino to trap for Regional Assignment. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where the map was not displayed in the multiplayer lobby after joining. ⭐
  • The front-end tab bar no longer offset on ultra-wide monitors. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where map icons wouldn’t be removed upon finishing an activity. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where ‘leaving playable area warning’ persisted on-screen. ⭐
  • FOV slider no longer gets stuck on screen when the player is adjusting it. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where binding abilities to special characters prompted missing icons. ⭐
  • Expedition mode is now displaying the correct threat level.
  • The summary screen showed misaligned results after finishing a mission. It now shows aligned results.
  • Fixed issue where the “completed” activity text overlapped with the activity objective in the HUD.
  • Contract Board no longer overlaps the settings menu which previously could happen if the player was using multiple input devices simultaneously.
  • Regional Assignments no longer overflow in the mission screen of Expedition mode.
  • Fixed issue where Extraction timer carried over between missions.
  • Ammo count no longer shows zero for the secondary weapon if the Revolver is equipped.
  • The Weapons label is no longer displayed instead of the Nameplate label.
  • Emotes list no longer persists on the screen after switching to the Contracts menu.
  • Fixed an overextended arm that was displayed during Rosy’s Rocket Launcher menu pose.
  • Improved in-game hint visibility.
  • The contract navbar no longer overlaps in the loading screen.
  • Players can no longer highlight multiple options in the Armory tab.
  • Fixed localization error in the world map after a world update.
  • Players are no longer able to navigate through the menus while updating weapons in the Armory.
  • Fixed issue where some hints overflew the pop-up elements on the HUD.
  • ‘Complete previous contracts to unlock’ label no longer displays for completed contracts.
  • Fixed the text that was cut off in the pop-up of the emergence event Overmutation.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of experience points were shown in the summary screen.
  • Numpad keys are no longer cut off in the HUD.
  • The select button is now aligned with the Activate text.
  • Fixed issue where callout icons would drift as the player moved the camera.
  • Fixed issue where Activity icons would get permanently stuck on screen for players far away.
  • Player characters are now better aligned to their info in the loadout screen and to their nameplate in the mission summary screen.
  • Issue fixed where using exclusive fullscreen was preventing the user to go into windowed mode until the user unfocused the game or picked borderless before going into windowed.

Missions & Activities

  • Fix for players sometimes being unable to activate Radar. ⭐
  • The correct number of supply containers should now spawn for Magna Petram for Regional Assignments. ⭐
  • Burrows no longer self-destruct which would make completing Infestations impossible. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where Rex wouldn’t spawn in Contact mission. ⭐
  • It is no longer possible to complete a mission if the player is dead in the dropship. ⭐
  • All eggs in the Overmutated Emergence Event are now destroyable in the Vultus Bay area. ⭐
  • Raptors should now more reliably spawn during the Raptor Trap activity. ⭐
  • Comms Center Infestation should no longer spawn enemies in inaccessible areas. ⭐
  • Fixed issue in Charged Extraction where the minecart did not show the option to attach explosives. ⭐
  • Fixed issue where players were not able to respawn during Black Site mission. ⭐
  • Players are now able to split up to different power stations in the Contact mission without blocking progress. ⭐
  • Raptor Traps no longer count dead raptors.
  • Alpha Raptor no longer clips through the Raptor Trap.
  • The Vestige mission is no longer blocked if a nesting grounds activity spawned in the same area.
  • Burrow infestation now shows progress correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the Vestige mission always picked the same cave location to spawn Rex.
  • Players are no longer able to interact with computers and terminals through walls.


  • Players no longer lose multiplayer progress if the host started on “Insane” difficulty and they left the session. ⭐
  • Rex no longer teleports for the client.
  • Fixed issue where the health bar of other players was not visible.
  • The War Effort map was sometimes not shown when the player was in a party as a client, it should be visible now.


  • The player’s slope climbing is now more consistent.
  • The players can no longer use supply drops to projectile themselves.
  • Burrows no longer take excessive damage from physics or spawned dinos.
  • Reduced likelihood of dinos spawning in inaccessible areas.
  • Players can no longer climb forklift trucks.
  • Players can no longer access the top of the payload rack in the dropship.


  • Fixed the Aim Down Sights position for the Grenade Launcher. ⭐
  • The grenades shot from the grenade launcher now have collision with the terrain.⭐
  • Updated third person hold pose for the Rocket Launcher.
  • Weapons no longer have a slow-motion reload when the player is around enemies.
  • The SMG weapon is now functioning properly in multiplayer sessions.

⭐= Changes made from community feedback and reports.


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