Second Extinction

Summer Greetings from Athos


My name is Athos, and I just joined Second Extinction as the Lead Animator.
This dev letter will be a small write up of my first impressions of the project and a little of how I got here.

I vividly remember during the interview process, being told that they mocapped the Dinosaurs, and I thought “that’s crazy, how is that any reasonable benefit over keyframing?”. But when I watched the video of how this crazy Animator (Jonas Wallin) recorded himself and the results created from it, I was then like “wow, ok, I can see how this actually works out really well”.

It was clear to me that not only was this guy a performance artist at heart, but he was also really passionate about the animation on this project, which further instilled in me that this would be a great environment to work in and I wanted to help grow Systemic Reaction to new heights!

Upon arriving I met the most energetic Animator I’ve had the pleasure of working with, Catarina Batista, she really brings the passion of giving life to our dino pals.

I really look forward to getting stuck into the animation system and seeing what we can do to make the entire experience even more thrilling, with a set of quality animation features!

Happy Dino Hunting,


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