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State of the Game – December 2

Hi there, Extinction Elites!

This State of the Game will be slightly less data centric due to some complications with the Pre-season 6 community survey. Your feedback and input still came in, but we unfortunately can’t present them in quite the shiny graphs you are used to. So without further ado, let’s instead dive deeper into Pre-season 7 and where we are at right now:

What’s in Pre-Season 7?

The standout additions in terms of content this time around are the Auto-Turret payload equipment and the Hand Cannon side-arm weapon.

The Auto-Turret is a very powerful addition to the payload roster. When used in an appropriate situation, it can deliver the highest damage output of any equipment thus far. Of course, use it in an inappropriate situation (such as right next to an impenetrable Flatback or indeed with minimal hostile threat around) then it can also be on the less effective side.

The Hand Cannon brings a whole new loadout style to the table. It is incredibly powerful from close range but only has 2 shots before the need to reload. This makes it a sidearm to pick and choose those openings and reload windows.

There has been a significant rebalance of all thrown and payload equipment for Pre-season 7, with a more scientific approach taken to balance the pros and cons across the board. Any equipment that you have written off as ineffective, we implore you to try again. The Healing Station being a prime example, it has now become a very strong loadout recommendation for those periods of needing to hold out around a certain location. The Thumper on the other hand can now be prematurely disabled by enough dino attacks on it.

Last point of note we’d like to make here is that we have taken further action on making the solo experience more forgiving and the multiplayer experience more intense. Multiple players already draw more attention whilst roaming around the world, but in Pre-Season 7 we now also scale how many dinosaurs arrive as Reinforcements to singular locations. This will be noticeable on many Mission Objectives, Activities, and of course; Extractions.

Horde Mode

We hope you liked our first iteration of Horde Mode. We have been fixing bugs and making improvements based on what we have seen (including allowing extraction as early as wave 4).

Here is a snapshot of how you have been performing on the mode overall:

The update on Leaderboards is that we were unfortunately still not happy with the reliability of the feature, so we are trying everything we can to confidently add them in our upcoming Supply Drop.

There is a huge amount we have been working on behind the scenes and very much look forward to sharing those details. In the meantime, as usual, we want to hear from you on any thoughts you have about the game as it is in Pre-Season 7, and what you want the future to hold.

The Second Extinction Team


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