Second Extinction

Second Extinction: The Road ahead

Greetings, Extinction Elites!

The last 16 months have been quite the journey for Second Extinction. We released 7 Pre-Seasons, 6 Supply drops with additional fixes, added 3 new Dinosaurs, and introduced 2 new characters to our roster. We learnt so much about what you all love about the game and what you want to see added. It has been amazing to see over two million of you join the fight to Reclaim Earth – completing missions and contracts, contributing to the War Effort, and just having fun.

Being an Early Access title has helped us immensely – allowing us to listen, adjust, and evolve Second Extinction based on your feedback and input. As a result, we have fixed tons of bugs and added plenty of new features and tweaks. Thanks to the incredible Second Extinction community and your feedback, we found both big and small aspects to be improved upon.

While we’re excited about how far we’ve come in this last year with our small development team, we believe Second Extinction still has room for improvement and we need some time to evaluate exactly how to get there. This is why we will be using the next few months to take a step back and assess how to best unlock Second Extinction’s full potential while remaining the game we envisioned when we started: A fun, crazy, fast-paced co-op Dinosaur shooter with interesting characters and an amazing environment to play in.

This means that during the next couple of months we will not be releasing new pre-seasons or other major content drops while the team focuses on the work ahead.

Everything else remains the same. We’ll keep you updated on our progress through our usual channels and on the Developer Livestreams on Thursdays at 4PM CET. These are a great way of interacting with us and asking questions, so please do join them on Twitch or YouTube; we would love to talk to you more over there!

We will also organize some fun community events to keep you entertained, so keep an eye out for those!

If you have any content to share or questions for the team please feel free to reach out via our social channels. You can stay in touch with us and the rest of the community by joining our Discord Server and following us on Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook!

We are thankful for your ongoing support during this adventure that we’re all on together. We are incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and we have so much more in store for you that we can’t wait for you to get your hands on.

The Second Extinction Development Team


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