Second Extinction

Second Extinction Key Competition

It’s only four days until we enter Early Access, and what better way to celebrate than to give our game away in a competition?

Starting at 6.00 PM CEST there will be three competitions going on in parallel across three different social channels.

Discord (join HERE)
Give us your best meme! If you like memes so much, Discord, then let’s see you make one. In #Key-Competition you’ll find six meme-templates starring our heroes, a raptor, and The Rex. There will be six winners that will receive one key each. One winner per template/character. So what are you waiting for? Get creative. Put some roar (see what we did there?) energy into it. You may edit the templates, but only use one character per meme, since there will be one winner for each hero/enemy.
You submit your entry in the #Key-Competiton channel. Ready, set, GO!

Twitter (find our Twitter HERE)
At 6.00 PM CEST, an image will be posted and it’s your mission to give us the perfect caption. Go big or go home, the top 5 captions will win a key to the game. Submit to the competition by answering this post on our Twitter account.

Instagram (find our Instagram HERE)
Oh Instagram, the place for posting cool art and grand designs… Can you guess what we want here? Draw us a picture! Fanart in all shapes and sizes welcome, digital or hand-drawn; it’s your choice! It can be a new weapon concept, a portrait of one of our heroes, or a kickass pop art piece of our Rex! Let your mind take it away and put it on the digital page… The only requirement is that YOU made it. Enter your submissions by uploading it to your Instagram with the tag #SEKeyComp or DM it to our Instagram account.

Prize: One key to Second Extinction Early Access on Steam.
All submissions must be created and owned by the contestant. By submitting an entry you give consent to Systemic Reaction and Second Extinction featuring and publishing your submissions and username on Streams and social channels. The keys may not be sold but may be given away to a friend for free.

Deadline: 10 AM CEST Monday, October 12th. We don’t review any submissions sent after the deadline.

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 12th, on the live stream at 5 PM CEST (watch it on our YouTube or Twitch). As well as after the stream on our social channels. All winners will be picked by Systemic Reaction. Picked winners are final and not up for discussion. The prize cannot be changed for money.


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