Second Extinction

Second Extinction Early Access Release Date

You’ve been (not always so) patiently waiting, and finally, the day has come.
We have the date ready for when you can load up, jump into your launch pods, and begin the fight to reclaim earth.

So when is it? Watch the video below and let the art of the legendary cover artist Tom duBois accompanied by the unique game-inspired synth tunes of Cody Carpenter guide you to the answer.

On how duBois got this beautiful yet kickass piece of art together he has this to say:

“What helped fuel me creatively? That’s easy! Badass characters! Mind boggling creativity! It gave me so much ‘go juice’ I wanted to honor the designers by being as loyal as possible to the characters. The process is a constant back and forth between revising, correcting, and fine tuning until it just feels right. It never comes easy and it’s a battle from start to finish.”

Second Extinction will be available on Steam Early Access for PC on Oct. 13, 2020, for $24.99.

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Second Extinction is out now

The time has come to reclaim earth!