Second Extinction

Second Extinction deploys into Early Access this September

By now you have probably heard all about our War Effort feature (for those living under a prehistoric rock, see the trailer here).

The War Effort has always been a central part of our plan, and has been the basis for much of our thinking around Second Extinction’s gameplay from day one. We want you, our community, to directly impact the way our world evolves and changes over time; affecting the challenge, the pace and feel of Second Extinction. That means playing together and slaying together in your squads and as a broader collective.

While we had initially decided a beta was a sensible option for the game – and invited many of you along for the ride – a number of factors have changed our plan in ways we feel are for the better.

First, foremost and quite simply: A beta would slow us down, preventing us from delivering the best version of Second Extinction’s War Effort metagame. Furthermore, Early Access has emerged as the best way for us to begin this journey with you, allowing us to hit the ground running earlier than initially expected. As such, we are able to announce that Early Access will be coming in September, just a month and change away, and will give you your first deployment into our live service War Effort. We can’t wait to share it with you, and to see your activity and passion shape the game with us.

Our team can now also confirm we are bringing Second Extinction to Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2021!

So gather your squad. Choose your weapons. And get ready for early deployment. We can’t wait to see what you find out there in the wild.

As compensation for those of you who signed up for our initially planned beta, we have emailed you with some info on what goodies are awaiting on day one. As for you who were part of our referral program, you will still be rewarded with the originally listed skins. You will find more info here:

– The Second Extinction Team


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