Second Extinction

Pre-Season 7 arrives on November 25th!

The seventh major content drop is about to touch the ground on November 25th.

This update focuses on bug fixes, QoL improvements, and making the new player experience more enjoyable. But there are also some new tasty treats in there:

  • New secondary weapon
  • New equipment – The Auto Turret has made it out of Horde Mode and will now be available in all modes
  • New Seasonal Contract chain and Cosmetics!

So get ready for another batch of challenges with new toys to play with when you’re painting the Arctic red with Dinosaur blood on November 25th.

Until then – make sure you join us on Discord – the best place to find trusted squadmates, get your questions answered, and get in contact with the team. If you have any issues and bugs to alert us on support is ready for your message at or by reaching out to our support agents via DM in the Discord (they’re tagged in the support channel).


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Second Extinction is out now

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