Second Extinction

Pre-Season 3: Necrosis – Patch Notes

Hello Extinction Elites,

Pre-Season 3: Necrosis has finally landed and brings with it a very long list of fixes that can be read below, alongside some fun new additions. The Flatback has received a new mutation – Necrosis – that has a rather explosive effect on its nearby allies…

On top of that, we also have War Effort Improvements and Difficulty balance changes that should turn the player experience up a notch. As requested, you may now skip the War Effort Update and contribution animations. You will also receive a pop-up in-game when the War Effort Update is about to happen, and should no longer be kicked out of your game when it updates, among other improvements.

When it comes to Difficulty no one can explain it better than our Lead Designer, Simon Berry who recently shared his thoughts on the Difficulty changes that enter the game with this update. Read it here if you haven’t already.

We hope you enjoy the update and like always, please share your feedback and thoughts on the additions, improvements, and changes on our Discord server. And if you come across any bugs you want to be crushed by the team, report them here.

Balance Changes

  • The dino’s base health slightly eased down (besides normal Raptors), Diggers fairly significantly. Note: scaled up per difficulty
  • Overmutated Raptors do less damage
  • Dino’s weak spot mechanics more suited to explosions (all were taking full damage individually if in range of explosion, which was melting Kylos)
  • Less Alpha Raptors (overabundance due to convenient roads between mission objectives)
  • Burrows are slightly easier to destroy. note: will also be scaled by difficulty
  • A slight increase in bleed out time
  • Increased rate of health stimming
  • Rex now has a ‘finish him’ weak state. Needs to be taken out in this state or regains a very small amount of health.
  • Players now get an additive grace period after getting attacked, where each attack for ~0.4 seconds decreases by 40% each time. eg. 3 attacks of 100 damage within 0.4 seconds =100, 40, 16 rather than 100,100,100.

[Edit: Balance Changes has been added after the post was first published]

Abilities and Perks

  • The passive ability screen effect no longer gets stuck on the screen when playing Amir.
  • Players were sometimes not able to pick up the Static Barrier stick after placing it. They can now. ⭐
  • The Dragon’s breath perk on the shotgun no longer deals damage to other players.


  • The ‘Savior’ achievement is now unlocked immediately after completing all core missions.
  • ‘They mostly come at night’ can now be completed.

Avalanche Apex Connect

  • The Apex Connect screen said “Display as password,” which was misleading for some players. It now says “Show password.”
  • Missing text in the Japanese privacy policy has been added.


  • Voiceovers are no longer repeated at the beginning of the mission Contact.
  • The map scrolling sound no longer plays when choosing a character.
  • The voiceovers of a current mission objective would continue even though the next objective’s intent has been started. This has been fixed.
  • Sound now plays when the player selects buttons in the Apex Connect settings menu.
  • Sound now plays when the player scrolls through the Keyboard & Mouse settings menu.
  • Sound now plays when the player switches between pages in the Keyboard & Mouse settings menu.
  • Sound now plays when the player abandons an active contract.
  • Sound now plays when a contract in the contracts board gets activated.
  • The wrong sound no longer plays when the player is scrolling through skins for weapons.
  • The wrong sound no longer plays when the player selects subtitles in the Audio settings menu.
  • It is no longer possible to trigger two dialogues to play at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where two voiceover messages were played after saving the research crew in Research & Rescue.
  • The barrel explosion sound is now working properly.
  • Voice lines were played twice in the caves during the Research and Rescue mission. This has been fixed.
  • Dialogue lines no longer play multiple times during the Homebound mission.
  • The raptor trap closing SFX is not played twice anymore.


  • The contract objectives now specify which weapon has to be used on all contracts.
  • The contract “Rescue Operations” could be completed with repairing the dropship during the mission “Research and Rescue.” This is no longer the case.
  • The contract ‘Critical Hit ll’ was unlocked without completing the previous one. This has been fixed.
  • The text is no longer cut off in the contract description of ‘Plugging the Holes.’
  • The “Armor Penetration II” contract had the same layout as the one before. This has now been changed.
  • The personal best ratings for the contracts ‘Hunter’, ‘Survivalist,’ and ‘Sharpshooter’ do now update correctly.

Controls & Settings

  • The borderless window mode should now work correctly.
  • The player is now able to use ESC to exit the game.
  • The ammo stash was usable while being downed. This has been fixed.
  • The gamma feature in the Language and Accessibility menu now alters the image.
  • Players should now always be able to tab out of the game.
  • The gamepad no longer gets disabled after scrolling down in the pause menu settings while pressing the B-button.
  • Players are no longer unable to switch menu tabs with the gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where reverting the window mode settings made it impossible to select the same setting again.
  • Graphics settings in the Video settings tab have now been updated correctly.

Crashes & Black Screens

  • Fixed an issue where the screen sometimes turned black (except the HUD) when the player took damage.
  • Players should no longer get stuck on a black screen when respawning after rejoining the session.
  • Fixed an issue where a black screen was displayed after respawning.
  • Players should no longer crash after reaching the fortress during the Contact mission in single player.
  • Players should no longer crash after picking a respawn point in the respawn map in single player during the Vestige mission.
  • The game should no longer crash when the gamma value is adjusted during a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes ended up with a crash during the extraction sequence.
  • Fixed a crash that happened after a player rejoins a multiplayer mission.


  • The grenade launcher is now ragdolling raptors in the same beautiful way it used to.
  • Enemies are no longer replicated in the wrong state.
  • Dinos will now follow the player out of caves.
  • Enemies should no longer spawn in mid-air.


  • Burrows are no longer spawning (and despawning) weirdly in caves.
  • The player can no longer enter a test area.
  • The player was able to squeeze behind crates in the Black Site facility. There will be no more squeezing.
  • The player can no longer fall under the map during the Charged Extraction mission.
  • The skybox color should no longer switch to black in a specific location of the canyon.
  • A harsh line was present on the ground next to the power station in Nova Ridge. The harsh line is no longer present.
  • Collision has been added to the loading docks in Tineis Harbor.
  • The player can no longer shoot through poles due to a missing collision.
  • The metal bolts on electric boxes do now appear as expected when the player is looking at them.
  • The gas pump containers were missing collision after being launched. These have now been added.
  • We’ve added collisions to some hangar walls.
  • The ground in a specific location showed a clipping issue that has been fixed.
  • The ground is no longer overlapping/covering eggs in a specific location in Altum Valley.
  • Players can no longer climb on a forklift. This has been fixed before but you found new ways to climb. We have eliminated those ways as well. Good luck climbing forklifts now. ⭐
  • A block artifact has been removed in the hangar area in Nova Ridge.


  • Rosy’s exoskeleton no longer detaches from her arm while shooting.
  • An issue was fixed where no grenade was thrown when the player switched from aiming to throwing.
  • We’ve removed the pink shader that occasionally appeared on dinos after an Alpha scream.
  • Fixed an issue where the feet were not moving if the player took one step at a time while crouching.
  • A mesh on a supply stash box shifted when the player moved closer, it should no longer do that.
  • The red ring of Amir’s passive ability no longer gets stuck on screen after using it.
  • Air conditioners and silos no longer have clipping issues at an airfield in Nova Ridge.
  • The lighting in the dropship is now set correctly upon extraction.
  • A rock in the Rex cave looked odd. The odd rock has been removed. Goodbye, odd rock.
  • The flashlight of the player character is now placed correctly.
  • The grenade launcher explosion VFX no longer appears smaller outside.
  • Goo-covered eggs should no longer glitch after being shot.
  • Fixed an issue where clipping issues with the terrain occurred in the tunnels of the Charged Extraction mission area.
  • Rosy’s ‘The Hornet’ skin does now fully apply when the player activates emotes.

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Pressing the X-key to select in the Armory should now work.
  • The menu UI is no longer present during gameplay.
  • The ‘Contract Activated’ label is no longer displayed after reaching the limit of active contracts.
  • The ‘SMG’ or ‘PERKS’ labels are now translated in the Armory menu when the title’s language is set to Japanese.
  • The player is no longer able to skip the respawn screen by holding ‘B’ before death.
  • The Expedition Mode UI showed a different map location than the actual position of the player in the game.
  • The secondary weapon icon should no longer show up on the wrong weapon.
  • Pop-up is now shown after a player abandons a contract.
  • The insertion map is now centered automatically.
  • The profile screen is no longer missing nameplates.
  • The credits are no longer overlaying the lobby.
  • The emotes are no longer displayed slightly offset in the armory.
  • The mission selection map shouldn’t be laggy anymore.
  • On-screen effects did not cover the screen properly in 21:9 (aspect ratio), it should now cover the wide goodness as expected.
  • Different timers are no longer overlapping in the contracts board.
  • The glitches that occurred on the respawn map when the player hovered over the area between Altum Valley and Tineis Harbor have been fixed.
  • Crosshair should no longer become red after aiming at destroyed eggs.
  • The player is now able to filter in the contracts board after switching from the armory menu.
  • Threat levels are now displayed correctly on the map after War Effort updates.
  • The regions of the emergence event Banshee are no longer displayed multiple times.
  • The player should no longer get stuck in the respawn screen.
  • Input icons are no longer overlapping equipment icons in the HUD.
  • The player was able to navigate through the ‘Contracts’ menu and activate contracts before reaching level 5. This has now been fixed.
  • ‘Debug LOC’ is no longer displayed instead of the player’s maximum level in the profile screen when changing the language to non-English.
  • The extra selection indicator has been removed from the contracts menu.
  • The seconds counter of the contracts’ timer should no longer go missing after the player quickly switch tabs.
  • The regional assignments panel went away after hovering over an icon.
  • We’ve removed the overlapping text that appeared when the other player died and respawned multiple times.
  • The ‘custom’ option in the settings is now displayed with lowercase letters.
  • The loot item in the loot summary that was missing text now has text.
  • The menu tab bar no longer overlaps when the player switch between the Contracts and Armory tabs.
  • Regions borders no longer overlap between Lata Plains and Nova Ridge on the map.
  • The found player from matchmaking wasn’t displayed properly to the player.
  • The UI does now properly update the progress of contract goals.
  • The world map UI no longer remains the same after the player leaves a mission and starts a new one.
  • Hovering over ‘text language’ with the mouse cursor in the Language & Accessibility settings menu no longer highlights the subtitles option.
  • There should no longer be a discrepancy between the player level present in the summary screen and that of the lobby.
  • The host should now be able to see other players that join the party via matchmaking if the players are looking for a party and select different options in the matchmaking tab.
  • An issue where the ‘No players found’ message was displayed during matchmaking right after a player joined the lobby of another player has been fixed.
  • The “Hurt” screen effect no longer remains visible on all screens after a mission.
  • A Russian localization mistake was present in a pop-up. We’ve brushed up on our Russian and fixed the error.
  • The map UI should no longer stay on screen after the insertion.


  • Issue fixed where the player could not join a drop pod to start a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where a mission failed randomly.
  • The player is no longer able to call an indefinite amount of scanners during the Research and Rescue mission.
  • Raptors no longer spawn on the top of a tower at Objective C of the Homebound mission.
  • A hangar floor erroneously remained intact and blocked the player from progressing during the Homebound mission. This has been fixed.
  • The fog during the ‘Suppress the Geysers’ emergence event was very thick. We’ve thinned it out.
  • The mission HUD for the emergence events no longer disappears after the player respawns.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen on the Contact mission had mismatching localization and audio.
  • Players should now always be able to destroy burrows.
  • Players can now complete emergence events in an enraged zone in the Lata Planes.
  • Issue fixed where too many enraged T-Rexes were spawned during emergence events.
  • The players are no longer able to call indefinite carrier drops during the Black Site mission.
  • The gates in the ‘Contact’ mission no longer close instantly before the T-Rex appears.
  • The computers in the ‘Contact’ mission occasionally did not work. We’ve turned them off and on again, and should now work flawlessly.
  • The emergence event ‘Over Mutation’ still remained after it was cleared after a War Effort update. This has been fixed.


  • An issue where the black box carrier wouldn’t load until the party was gathered has been fixed.
  • Host migration should no longer cause player character replication issues.
  • Map colors and symbols should no longer look off for clients.
  • Accepting a Steam invitation during an expedition should now work as intended.
  • An issue where players spawned under the map after re-joining a multiplayer session has been fixed.

Network Connectivity

  • An issue where the player got disconnected from a match and was stuck on the loading screen has been fixed.


  • Fixed an issue where the game was displayed incorrectly on the monitor dedicated to the second GPU in windowed mode.
  • A performance issue that occurred when the player was hovering with the mouse cursor over the map has been fixed.
  • The below min spec pop-up was erroneously shown to players with graphics cards above the min spec requirement. This has been looked at and should work as intended now.


  • The light indicator for exploded incendiary grenades is no longer visible for too long.
  • The shock grenades no longer affect dead bodies.
  • The aim of the scout rifle has been fixed to be more precise.
  • The grenade launcher seemed to occasionally not affect dinosaurs. This has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Scout Rifle sometimes seemed to not register hits has been fixed.
  • The thumper’s model is no longer missing after it was activated.
  • The thumper’s ability to attract enemies has been restored. The flirty little minx
  • The satchel charge now has its own auto-aim component stopping enemies from taking priority
  • The rocket launcher no longer fires when the player is pressing LT while holding down RT on the gamepad.

⭐= Changes made from community feedback and reports.


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