Second Extinction

Patch Notes Pre-Season 7 |

The last Pre-Season of the year – Adaptation – has arrived, and besides all the bugs the team has crushed (which can be read in full below), there are also significant balance changes and not one but TWO new toys to play with when you turn the white snow red with Dinosaur blood.

Another little gift awaits you. A small compensation package will be given to players when you log in due to an issue with the reward packages not working correctly during the Pre-Season 6 update.

We hope you enjoy Pre-Season 7, and if you find any bugs, please report them directly to support via If you have any questions or feedback to share, join our Discord server – the best place to get in touch with the team and become part of the community!

New additions

  • The Auto Turret is now available as a new Equipment option
    • Available to use for all heroes from level 11
  • There’s a new Secondary Weapon – the Hand Cannon
  • New Seasonal Contracts and Rewards
  • New Cosmetics added to the pool of reward package drops

Balance Changes

  • Significant rebalance of all player equipment (throwables and payloads)
    • All player explosions give (non-damaging) friendly-fire feedback, and hit reaction if applicable.
    • Frag grenade – Slight increase in damage, a significant increase in AoE radius. However, damage falloff is more aggressive (and reliable), the effectiveness of breaking bone plates is slightly reduced.
    • Bouncer mine – Base damage increase, AoE radius decrease (which is very significant for the mine-seeding). Sends small dinos flying further.
    • Cluster grenade – Number of clusters reduced from 12 to 10, damage reduced for each cluster, but the range of explosions increased (allows for more damage consistency).
    • Shock grenade – Significantly reduced shock affliction damage (prevention of easy Rex stun-locking). No longer deals (minor) base damage on its explosion, just affliction damage. The explosion draws less attention from unaware and non-aggro’d dinos.
    • Sticky firecrackers – Slightly reduced base damage of individual explosions.


    • Healing station – Healing duration is up from 30 to 45 seconds. A massive increase in healing effectiveness, healing is delivered in separate pulses to improve its presentation. Reduced ability recharge rate.
    • Thumper – Thumper can take damage now and can be prematurely disabled by enough dinosaur attacks (limits its over-powered potential on certain occasions). The falloff has been introduced to its AoE so that it has milder effects on dinos further from it. Pulses are now effective against bone plates.
    • Mine seeding – With the reduced radius of the Bouncer Mine there is less overlapping of explosions which causes multiplicative damage.
    • Air Strike – Applies damage with less variance on each missile. As with Mine Seeding, a reduced AoE of each missile also means less multiplying of damage from overlapping explosions.
  • The star threshold has been changed
    • The amount of Research points players need to receive stars has been reduced
  • Rebalanced Reinforcements: the number of Dinosaurs during activities is now based on the number of players in the session: fewer players = fewer dinos

Other Changes

  • Basic Training is now the first mission new players have to play
  • Horde Mode: Extraction is possible now from level 4 🔺
  • The ‘Find Player’ buttons size has been increased
  • Mode selection buttons in the lobby have been rearranged and resized

Bug fixes


  • The Necrosis Augment is now possible to get ⭐


  • An issue with the Wild West contract requirements has been fixed ⭐
  • Fixed issues when contract progress was not saved when starting the next mission


  • Multiple issues when enemies could not attack players in specific places has been fixed
  • Dinosaurs are no longer allowed to bring +1’s in Horde Mode, so no extra dinos should be found


  • Multiple object collision issues when the Dinosaurs would get stuck in man-made structures or level geometry has been solved
  • Fixed several issues when the player could get stuck in level geometry or the Drop Pod ⭐


  • Issues with randomly flickering textures have been fixed
  • Windowed mode should now work correctly

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Players should no longer receive ‘Dropship abandoned’ message when the dropship already has arrived ⭐
  • Fixed issue when new players got stuck in the sign-in screen and couldn’t reach the lobby ⭐
  • The UI icons size should no longer be too small for Xbox Series X/S ⭐
  • Issues where the turret ammo UI always showed 0% has been solved
  • The Rex-Treme! nameplate is now rewarded as intended
  • The FPS drops when entering mission select on 4K monitors should no longer be an issue


  • Progression in the Vestige mission should no longer be blocked if another player strays too far away ⭐
  • Issues where players couldn’t see personal points or timer when rejoining has been fixed
  • Players should now always be able to find the cargo containers in the Charged Extraction mission
  • Players can no longer lock themselves out of the final main objective in the Black Site Mission
  • Fixed issue where players could not call the carriers in the Black Site mission
  • An issue where the extraction timer changed to 0:00:00 but the dropship never arrived has been fixed
  • The overmutated eggs in Nova Ridge are now destroyable and spawning correctly ⭐


  • Fixed issue when voice chat became inaudible
  • An issue where T-Rex was located in different places for different players in the Contact mission has been fixed


  • Several crashes that occurred during missions have been fixed
  • A crash that happened when a player was trying to connect to another player’s lobby has been solved
  • A crash that occurred during the selection of a character in the Multiplayer lobby is now fixed
  • The framerate drops that were experienced from wave 9 in Horde Mode has been fixed


  • Unused upgrade tokens do no longer disappear if a player spends several hours in a game session
  • The “Extended mag” perk for the Artillery Cannon is now functional
  • The SMG Perk “Holster helper” is now working as designed ⭐
  • The “Idle Hands” perk is now working as intended ⭐


⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports
🔺 = Changes that worth special highlighting


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