Second Extinction

Patch Notes Pre-Season 6 |

Pre-Season 6 has landed, and this one should set off some shock waves because it’s a big one! Filled with plenty of new features and improvements ready for you to dig your teeth into. We hope you enjoy the update, and if you find any bugs, please report them directly to support here, and if you have any questions or feedback to share, join our Discord server – the best place to get in touch with the team and become part of the community!

Big features:

  • A new hero joins the Operative class – the scientist Sunetra.
  • Horde Mode – Start with nothing but a pistol and conquer wave after wave of increasingly challenging dinos. Get your practice in now because Horde Mode leaderboards are on their way soon with their own special rewards.
  • Auto-Turret with multiple ammo options is available in Horde Mode.
  • Richard – we have a new handler and mission giver whose voice you’ll get met with in Horde Mode.
  • Full crossplay added between Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.
  • Augments – unique drops from enemies that give your character special new abilities. You can only equip a limited number of augments, forcing you to choose how to customize your build.
  • New Seasonal Contract chain with exclusive Seasonal rewards.
  • Wardrobe – now you can preview everything in the game and get more information on how to unlock it!
  • In-game voice chat on all platforms to make communication on the battlefield a breeze.
  • Matchmaking lobbies, Apex Friends, and Session ID for matchmaking UI.
    – A mission lobby widget that allows players to advertise their specific runs and enables players to select any mission runs that are interesting to them.
  • Brazilian-Portuguese language support added!


  • Character adjustments/tweaks 🔺
    – All character ability recharge rates have been rebalanced, making some less ‘spamable’ during intense combat. Rosy’s Positive Reinforcement now also restores health at a more suitable rate.
  • Changed self-revive mechanics for downed players, making it more likely to get up when fewer and weaker enemies are attacking you 🔺
  • We gave our heroes some hand sanitizer so items should no longer get stuck in the player’s hand ⭐
  • Jack’s special ability will now trigger in Basic Training
  • An issue where users were invulnerable to damage after leaving the session and rejoining has been fixed


  • Fixed issue where a player wasn’t able to complete the Contact mission when playing in a three-player session
  • The ‘Lightning Rod’ contract now count electric raptors correctly
  • The ‘Resourceful’ contract completion flow now works as intended
  • Fixed issues when players didn’t get shared contract rewards for killing dinos
  • The ‘Blood Bin’ Contract now works as intended
  • The ‘Beast Tamer’ contract has been fixed to display objectives correctly
  • The “Expanded Arsenal” contract is now working as intended when using the Rocket Launcher ⭐

Controls & Settings

  • You now have the option to toggle Aim Assist On/Off for controllers ⭐
  • Special Ability key binding is now displayed in the settings menu after being changed from the default ⭐
  • The Pause menu should no longer reopen when using the Escape button ⭐
  • Fixed issue when revive key remained as “F” even if the player changed the keybinding ⭐


  • Enemies inside the Dropship now attack normally when the player is standing by the door of the Dropship
  • Rex: New attack and improvements in traversal mechanics
    – Rex now has some of the raptor’s traversal mechanics to handle more combat areas and Horde mode. She will now jump up or down onto another height rather than walking around it.
    – Rex has a new attack to increase its challenge to 3 players – A frenzy attack where it does multiple stomps and tail shock waves around itself in very short succession. It requires 2 or 3 players to be near it at the same time to trigger initially. It’ll always aim the final tail shock wave straight at one of the players.
    – We have also balanced Rex’s stagger values so it can’t be stun-locked. Noticeable on all weapons, but most noticeable with the Rocket Launcher and Minigun. This should make it harder to trigger the heavy hit reaction in short succession.
  • Players should no longer be able to get stuck in the Rex Cave ⭐
  • Fixed multiple issues when enemies could not attack players in specific places
  • You should no longer encounter difficulties with finding a Rex when you really, really want to ⭐
  • Fixed issues when Bulls infrequently dealt damage before reaching the player character, they are tough, but that’s just silly


  • Daytime/Nighttime is back to normal, so go get that ‘They mostly come at night..’ achievement now when the long days of summer are finally over
  • Multiple visual improvements were made to terrain, lighting, textures, and structures
  • Fixed multiple object collision issues
  • Several issues when the player could get stuck in level geometry have been fixed
  • Players should no longer fall through the terrain… As much as before


  • Fixed an issue when weapon models could become low poly ⭐
  • Graphics issues that appeared in various situations in the Dropship have been fixed ⭐
  • The Dropship interior lighting preset is now working properly

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Camps should now show on the map even in subsequent sessions ⭐
  • Material tracking UI reports should now work as intended ⭐
  • HP indicator and indicator tweaks
    – Added a health bar when you call out enemies
    – Callouts referring to an enemy will remain for an hour, until the enemy is killed or until the player removes it
    – Added functionality to remove callouts by aiming at them and pressing the callout button again
    – Fixed a bug that caused contextual callouts to be offset
    – Added drop shadow to callout icons
  • Lost items system has been improved
  • Matchmaking filters menu updated (Horde Mode added, individual mission filters are back)
  • Objective progression is now updated at the same time in the Game menu and Map menu (Expedition mode)
  • The tracking materials counter is now working as intended ⭐
  • War Effort event timer is now changing its value correctly
  • Players will no longer get the death screen without dying, seems fair ⭐
  • Fixed several issues when redundant button labels were displayed in the menu
  • Fixes issues when Language settings didn’t save after restart


  • Regional assignment ‘Kill Alpha Raptor: 0/5’ is now possible to be finished in ‘ALTUM VALLEY’ region ⭐
  • We’ve oiled the wheels of the Cart in the Charged Extraction mission, and it should no longer get stuck ⭐
  • The explosion should now always be triggered in the Charged Extraction mission, more BOOMS to the people ⭐
  • An issue has been fixed where if the player was leaving and rejoining the game, side activities could get blocked ⭐
  • Issues that made the Contact mission incompletable have been slain ⭐
  • The Necrosis event can no longer be completed without the player being on the event site


  • Fixed issues when the ‘Rejoin last session’ feature didn’t work mid-game
  • Party Healthbar is now properly synchronized after respawning while in a multiplayer session
  • Fixed situations when players got an Error message “Network Connection Error Failed to host a multiplayer session” ⭐
  • Fixed issue when the player’s game would not respond when lobby creator lost network connection


  • Xbox platform optimizations 🔺
    – Modified visual effects that previously created too many particles causing frame drops
    – Optimized melee system: this can have a positive impact on performance in situations when a player uses melee attack while surrounded by multiple enemies
    – Dead dinosaurs are despawned quicker now
    – Texture optimization to improve performance
    – Terrain physics optimization to improve performance
  • General performance optimizations 🔺
    – Optimizations aimed to address memory issues. We always have a large amount of data that is being collected and processed, and we improved the approach to processing that
    – Cleaned up some unused systems that were doing unnecessary calculations
    – Improvements to GPU performance when outside of combat
  • Players should no longer get stuck on a loading screen before the mission ⭐
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player attempts to launch the game while signed out ⭐
  • An issue when players could get stuck on Apex Connect Splash Screen has been fixed ⭐
  • A crash happening during extraction in the Blacksite mission has been fixed


  • The Dragon’s Breath Perk is no longer killing other players with fire
  • Animation issues with the Artillery Cannon have been fixed
  • An exploit where players could deploy multiple ammo kits have been solved
  • The Assault Rifles Fire Rate is no longer higher than designed
  • Fixed issues when grenade detonation didn’t trigger, when we say more BOOMS for the people, we mean it ⭐
  • Fixed issue when the perk ‘Steadfast’ remained active indefinitely after activation ⭐
  • No more extra bullets for Jack. He is now deployed with the normal amount of bullets in the Minigun
  • Fixed an issue with the Carbine’s Explosive Round perk damage radius
  • The ‘Boon’ perk for Artillery Cannon now works as designed
  • Fixed issue when critical hits on Electric Raptor didn’t activate the ‘Performance Incentive’ perk

⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports
🔺 = Changes that are worth special highlighting


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