Second Extinction

Patch Notes Pre-Season 5 |

The summer heat has hit us, and so has the next Pre-Season filled with new content perfect for long summer days. We have a new addition to our enemy roster – The Dasher Raptor that can appear in certain Emergence Events. Our Enforcers Rosy and Jack have a new gun to play with – The Artillery Cannon, and in the loadout selection you’ll find a new addition if you’ve reached level 5 – Sticky Firecrackers. Speaking of levels the cap is now 50, and while you climb the leveling ladder you’ll unlock new contracts to complete.

On top of that, the team has been working away at crushing bugs, cracking codes and improving the experience, and as always, you’ll find the full list of improvements and fixes below.

We hope you enjoy the update, and if you find any bugs, please report them directly to support here, and if you have any questions or feedback to share join our Discord server – the best place to get in touch with the team and become part of the community!


  • “Lost items” functionality added. Mission progress is now stored on the server and if the player disconnects or crashes, the items he already got are not lost, instead he receives partial rewards.
  • Level cap increased to 50 for all the players on all platforms
    • Contracts unlocked at level 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50
  • Improvements regarding consistency in description of contracts. Now the contract objectives are easier to understand
  • Added the ability to view current contract from the game session
  • Rosy Quality of Life improvements:
    • Static Barrier
      • Ability’s Icon now shows the number of uses available
      • Timer added to Static Barriers giving players a better indication of a Barrier’s duration
      • Players are able to continue placing pylons as long as they have uses without having to re-activate the ability each time
  • Stability and world optimization for all platforms
  • Apex Connect UI improvements: added more context about the rewards that players are going to have after creating an APEX account
  • “Credits” list updated with new names and roles
  • Links in Newsfeed are clickable now
  • Newsfeed survey functionality added
  • The star rating thresholds have been rebalanced


  • Hitting enemies with Jack’s Charge ability at low speeds is now less likely to cancel the ability
  • The Hair trigger perk is now functioning for the Grenade Launcher & Revolver ⭐
  • Jack’s Charge ability now knocks enemies aside when used very close to them
  • Air Strike and Jurgen’s Satchel Charge kills are now counted towards the progression of contracts
  • Player is no longer able to call Supply drops under dropships
  • Pistol and Assault Rifle have now consistent fire rate with ‘Burst Fire’ perk
  • Shrapnel damage from ‘Slugshot’ is now counted correctly towards total damage dealt in the mission summary
  • The ‘Fully Automatic’ perk on Pistol now works as intended
  • Corresponding indicator is now displayed correctly when the player’s character uses ‘Health Stim’
  • Amir’s Orbital Surveillance ability is no longer highlighting enemies after they are killed
  • Fixed an issue where falloff wasn’t being applied to the explosion from the Carbine’s Explosive Rounds perk


  • Added a specific UI icon when the player is about to get hit from behind by a raptor
  • Controller Remapping Presets are available now


  • Fixed issue with Jack lines of dialogue being overlapped
  • Fixed several audio issues when switching from party chat to game chat ⭐
  • Fixed weapon firing sounds during tutorial
  • Footstep SFX now matches with Jack’s Charge ability
  • The VO for releasing the Kinetic Converter is not delayed anymore
  • Thank you response is now functional for Jack
  • The Slugshot sound effect works correctly in all conditions


  • Contract Subduing Calamity is now completable ⭐
  • Deadly Alterations contract objectives cannot be completed separately now
  • Demolition Expert is now completable ⭐
  • Contracts that require Mission can not be completed in Expedition now
  • Description for achieving Insane Bull nameplate is more clear now
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in contract description
  • Fixed issues with unintended contract repeating
  • Fixed issues when several contract objective were not displayed
  • Fixed issues when contracts were unlocked without completing the previous stage

Controls & Settings

  • Player can now rebind “I” key for movement ⭐
  • D-pad and Sticks are now work as intended after switching tabs
  • Buttons work correctly after unplugging and plugging controller
  • Fixed issue when rebinding keys 1 & 2 worked incorrectly ⭐
  • Fixed issues using gamepad affected both Title and Overlay UI windows (XBox version)
  • Gamepad input no longer disappear after changing resolution in the pause menu
  • Fixed occasional issues when customized keyboard controls reset after restart
  • The Backspace button on the keyboard now functions the same way as the ESC or B-button does in the Frontend menus


  • Fixed T-Rex spawning issue during the Gas Pump activity
  • Fixed T-Rex not being aggressive towards nearby players
  • Fixed issue with too big Flatback’s attack range
  • Fixed inconsistencies in damage from Armoured Bull
  • Raptors do not anymore spawn out of thin air in the Comm Center in ‘Lata Plains’
  • Raptors infected by necrosis no longer kill themselves
  • Necrosis puddles spawn in their correct locations
  • Necrosis pulse added to Necrosis Kylo, a pulse infects the surrounding raptors 🔺
  • Dinos can get stuck under ammo supply and mission can’t progress


  • Mine entrance is now not opened in Expedition mode
  • Fixed several issues where player could get stuck inside or between objects ⭐
  • Fixed several issues when dinos could not attack the user standing in specific location
  • Burrows are no longer spawn under the ground
  • Fixed several issues when player could climb some unclimbable objects
  • Enemies are no longer stuck in a cave inside the ‘Hollow’
  • Burrows in Vultus Bay now spawn dinos and highlight them correctly on the map UI
  • Fixed issues when unlocking one camp in ‘Magna Petram’ region automatically unlocked the second one
  • The user can not reach out of bounds part of the map in the Black Site building
  • Radar relays can no longer be activated through walls
  • Players should no longer see through some hangars


  • Fixed issue when outfit selection screen was too dark in some cases ⭐
  • The resolution is not changed anymore after PC goes to locked mode and back
  • Game in borderless mode & windowed mode no longer stay as active screen if not selected ⭐
  • Screen is now longer blurry and distorted when player activates the ‘Positive Reinforcement’ skill
  • Fixed Dino reflections quality when fighting on water surfaces
  • Fixed several lighting issues inside the caves

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • Mission waypoints are now shown correctly after failing mission
  • Fixed issues when players could lose all weapon upgrades after a failed mission 🔺
  • Homebound objectives markers are now removed properly when the player clears the objective
  • Fixed threat level color while person is in the dropship in the ‘Magna Petram’ region
  • The main menu lighting is fixed (Sometimes it was too dark)
  • Fixes Russian text not fitting some UI buttons
  • Fixed issues when yellow cross appeared when the player marked anything on the mission map and exited to the Main Menu
  • Fixed issue when map lines were not drawn accurately in Lata Plains/Valtum Valley ⭐
  • Fixed discrepancy in collected eggs in the counter after respawning during the ‘Harvest Eggs’ side mission
  • Map symbols are now have appropriate size when entering the map screen
  • Fixed UI scaling issue on 21:9 screens
  • Fixed several Terrain visual bugs in the map ⭐
  • Region and objectives are displayed correctly on gameplay UI
  • Setting yourself on fire by using a barrel no longer causes hit-markers to appear for the duration of the debuff
  • Fixed issue when player got red x on War Effort results after successfully completing region ⭐
  • Redundant (X) ‘Abandon’ button is no longer shown in Active Contracts
  • Fixed issue with the Nesting Ground activity progress UI after respawning
  • Icon of marked dino no longer persists in the air after the dino is killed
  • Selection hero screen is now translated correctly after changing language
  • Improvements and a fixed bug with Matchmaking Filters options
  • Icon for inviting players in the ‘Equipment’ menu is no longer available to use after the user has joined the party
  • Main Menu is not visible anymore behind the Sign in screen on Ultrawide screen
  • Star ratings do not appear in Expedition anymore without the first completion
  • Player should no longer experience problems spawning next to an objective on the map
  • Pause menu is no longer reopened when player is trying to close it


  • Vestige scanner is now showing the correct direction of T-Rex nest
  • Fixed occasional issue when player couldn’t open gate in Homebound mission ⭐
  • Rejoining is no longer causes activities to be blocked
  • The side mission ‘Destroy The Hollow’ can now be completed if the player respawns two times after placing explosives
  • The side mission ‘Recover The Black Box’ is now can be completed in crossplatform Multiplayer session (XBox and Win10 version)
  • Timer now is not disappearing after player respawns in ‘Blacksite’ mission
  • The regional assignments work as intended when crossing the border between regions
  • After killing the first wave of raptors the second one now appears as intended during side mission ‘Clear out the burrow infestation’
  • The mission ‘Research and Rescue’ first objective ‘Find the Research Crew’ no longer switches location with the side mission ‘Repair the Stranded Drop Ship’
  • Added Prompts for Move and Look tutorial
  • ‘Who’s Watching the Watchers’ objective in now working correctly after completing the contract during a mission
  • ‘Clear Out’ optional objective is now listed in the map’s legend for multiple regions


  • Fixed issues when third player could not join multiplayer lobby 🔺
  • If the host of a multiplayer party leaves a session, it can now join the other two players again either through invite or ‘join game’ in the Xbox Shell interface (XBox version)
  • Critical health value shows correctly for all the players in party and divided into segments as intended
  • Players should not be stuck on the “Difficulty in connecting to party” screen
  • Fixed issue when player was unable to access ‘Rejoin last session’ button while using a gamepad
  • Fixed issues when UI is not updated if a player disconnects from the game

Performance 🔺

  • Fixed issues when FPS dropped dramatically when a lot of visual effects appear on the screen
  • Fixed crash when player tried to Unlink profile and exit game (Steam version)
  • Fixed crash when player changed video settings
  • Fixed crash when players opened ‘Upgrade Account’ and ‘Xbox Overlay’ on the controller simultaneously (XBox version)
  • Fixed issues when the game became frozen if Player rejoined session for the second time
  • Player should no longer have infinite loading when trying to login to an already used email


  • Removed input lag from Carbine Rifle, Grenade Launcher and Shotgun 🔺
  • Fixed issue when ammo and equipment could be picked up through a wall
  • Fixed issues when shock grenades didn’t apply stun correctly
  • Pressing ‘RT’ before throwing a grenade is no longer causes character to perform throwing animation without any voiceover and effect
  • Fixed issue when player was unable to throw grenades
  • The ammo kit equipment is no longer stuck to the player’s hand in certain conditions
  • Minigun starts with full reserved ammo now
  • The Rocket Launcher’s accuracy works as intended when using ADS and hip fire
  • Crosshairs of all weapons when looking through the telescopic sight now detect enemies as intended
  • Carbine Rifle bullets affected by the ‘Explosive Rounds’ perk stick to enemies as intended now
  • Rocket launcher equipped with the ‘murder hornet’ skin is correctly displayed in the Armory tab

⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports.

🔺 = Changes that worth special highlighting


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