Second Extinction

Patch Notes Pre-Season 4 |

Pre-Season 4: Man vs. Beast is now live! The season highlights include a brand new Enforcer hero – Jack, who brings his own repertoire of skills to the table in the war against the dinosaurs. Read more about Jack’s abilities and how he was created by the team here. We also have a new Tutorial mission, especially beneficial for new players and brand new Seasonal Contracts!

As always, the team has been smashing bugs and cracking codes to up the experience even more. A complete list of fixes and improvements can be found below.

We hope you enjoy the update, and if you find any bugs, please report them directly to support here, and if you have any questions or feedback to share join our Official Discord server – the best place to get in touch with the team and become part of the community!

General Improvements

  • Improved mechanics for big dinosaur projectiles
  • New and improved loot visuals
  • Increased time before loot disintegrates  

Abilities and Perks

  • Fixed an issue where bullets affected by the ‘Smart Ammo’ perk change trajectory when no enemies are present
  • Impact Detonator perk is now always triggered ⭐
  • Now it’s impossible to place a Static Barrier on top of the Supply Drops


  • Localization and audio are no longer mismatched on the loading screen in the Contact mission


  • All contract tags are localized now
  • Contracts to kill dinos without reloading is now working in multiplayer⭐
  • Fixed an issue when ‘Dead Shot’ contracts can be completed without using the Scout Rifle (XB only)
  • Fixed an issue with unintended Increased fire rate after changing weapons (Community report)
  • Pistol and Revolver are now displayed as a requirement for the ‘Small Arms Mastery’ contract (XB / WIN 10 only)

Controls & Settings

  • Pressing ESC in the Key Binding screen no longer takes the player back to the Lobby


  • Enemy reinforcements are now activated normally when players have triggered the extraction sequence
  • Fixed an issue where the Necro Kylo’s and Flatback’s belly sometimes looks visually incorrect
  • Fixed issue when multiple Rexes spawning at the same location ⭐
  • Now enemies can’t attack through the Dropship walls on extraction


  • Extraction camp collision is fixed now
  • Fixed an issue when a player could be trapped in a Raptor Trap
  • Fixed an issue when supply drops can be placed on big dinos dead bodies
  • A floating box with no texture was removed from the map ⭐
  • Floating objects that used to appear in Altum Valley after sending up supply container are now removed
  • Lighting is now changed properly after entering a cave in a specific location
  • Now it’s impossible to climb on top of the raptor traps
  • Players can no longer respawn in a locked camp in Magna Petram
  • Players can no longer climb on the top of camp buildings


  • Fixed and polished animation for Jurgen
  • Fixed animation for Scout Rifle reloading, now it’s more realistic (the bolt wasn’t lifted before pulling back)
  • In-game visual blur effects are no longer following you to the lobby
  • The shotgun equip animation is now working properly

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • “Almost dead” overlay is no longer shown on the screen if the player resizes the window
  • All matchmaking filters are now localized
  • Arctic camo nameplate is unlocked and rewarded as intended ⭐
  • Bronze pack rewards are no longer overlapped with an information icon
  • Critical health should no longer display incorrectly when the player is in a drop pod ⭐
  • The information icon now always shows up when using the mouse in the Contract menu
  • Key bindings now have appropriate localization in the Settings menu
  • The Necrosis nameplate is not uppercased now
  • Players can no longer skip animation while rapidly clicking ‘A’ button during the leveling up process after the mission
  • Return to Lobby popup is now showing text correctly
  • Statistics overlay is now placed correctly on the Mission Result Screen if one of the players left the game before extraction
  • The contract navigation bar is no longer overlaying the loading screen if a contract is activated or completed
  • The gamepad image does not appear anymore in the settings tab if it doesn’t belong there
  • The prompt to pick up placed Static Barriers has a clear description now
  • The SMG name is no longer cut off in the Armory menu (French language)
  • The text is no longer cut off in Rosie’s ability description (Russian language)
  • The title text is no longer cut off in the War Effort update (French language)
  • The translation of terms “Handling” and “Stability” is fixed in the French language ⭐
  • Tundra Campaign title text in War effort update is now fully visible in Spanish localization


  • Charged Extraction mission was incompletable in rare circumstances ⭐
  • Players could get the same dance reward twice after completing the mission
  • Server Lockdown prompt was shown even if the player never played the Black Site mission ⭐


  • Players can now rejoin the session if they exited to desktop ⭐ 


  • Changing video resolution and window mode in the pause menu no longer disables gamepad input


  • It’s now impossible to buy the Rocket launcher twice ⭐
  • Mine seeding mines should no longer end up floating above the ground

⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports.


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