Second Extinction

Patch coming on Monday Oct 26th

Extinction Elites,

Thank you for your continued efforts in exterminating the dinosaur threat. Your live reports from the ground have been vital in helping us direct our efforts.

As we were ramping up towards launch, we have been prepared to receive community feedback on any major issues. This coming patch that will drop on Monday October 26th aims to resolve as many of these as possible, while paving the way for future content and quality of life updates.

Patch Highlights:

  • Stability fixes
  • Ultrawide monitor support for 21:9 1st Pass implementation
  • Navbar popping up in-game
  • Finding matches in matchmaking has been made easier
  • Possible to remap keyboard for movement controls
  • Multiple audio dropout issues fixed

Following this introduction, you can find the full list of fixes and improvements. Additionally, there are a few other issues we are currently investigating:

  • Weapon input delays, as well as issues involving aiming down the sights or equipping the Shotgun or Carbine
  • The game crashing when selecting “Forgot Password during the Apex Connect Screen

Keep fighting the good fight and sending in your reports. We look forward to hearing from you!

//The Second Extinction Team


A more detailed but not exhaustive list of improvements follows –



Blockers / Crashes / Critical

  • Fixed multiple game freezes/ suspended after using Alt+Enter to go to fullscreen
  • Fixed multiple game crashes or black screen when switching monitors
  • Better handling of different resolutions in fullscreen
  • Better reporting of Vulkan related crashes, and the game will detect the graphics driver version and warn you if you are on old drivers
  • Better error reporting from graphics issue (people get more information & crash-report contains more info as well)
  • Fixed issue with research & material overflowing where it could not be spent.


  • More accurate collision on large dinos so players cannot pass through them when alive or dead.
  • Fixed various spawn issues with enemies appearing underground and on steep slopes ⭐
  • Fixed multiple animations missing, not playing or looping on enemies
  • Various Enemy VFX issues fixed ⭐
  • Enemies now jump down cliffs and slopes to stop them dying from always falling.
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy was Invulnerable after the player respawned
  • Hit-reactions are now more responsive ⭐
  • Burrows spawning logic has been improved when fighting Rexes so they spawn in good space for best gameplay.



  • Rosy no longer triggers her reloading line on partial reloads and her dialog plays less frequently ⭐
  • Static Barrier now replicates for other players


Healing Station

  • Now heals other party members ⭐


  • Fixed exploit allowing players to infinitely trigger airstrikes


  • Wrong or spamming FX on various weapons and upgrades fixed
  • Multiple audio dropout bugs fixed
  • Buzzing noise in-game after exiting the map screen fixed
  • Various bugs of repeating sounds and VO fixed
  • Various incorrect VO messaging fixed
  • Various missing or not triggering sounds fixed in front end and in-game
  • Sound balancing and polish for Character VO, Abilities, Weapon upgrades and The Bull
  • Fixed spatialization and cooldown issues with Rosy’s VO
  • Fixed the incoming dialog lines persisting forever
  • Fixed T-Rex footsteps cutting out
  • Fixed Raptor footsteps cutting out


  • Multiple LOD, collision and clipping issues fixed throughout world
  • Lighting leaking into caves in various locations fixed
  • Snow appearing in incorrect places fixed
  • Screen effects now reset if players quit to menu when downed
  • Resolution scale causing issues with weapon shadows now fixed


  • Replication fix for Drone activity
  • Improvements to host migration and better handling when clients leave games
  • Improved messaging when clients leave lobby
  • Enemy hit reacts sync better across the network
  • Matchmaking requirements softened to increase matches
  • Fixed issue where the Party UI displays the health incorrectly

Apex Connect

  • Stability fixes to upgrade an account.
  • Various controller fixes
  • Clipped text fixes



  • Fixed issue where the navbar appeared where it should not
  • Improvements to the insertion map and loadout screen
  • Fix for Emotes not updating when selected
  • Nameplate names and descriptions added
  • Fixed issues where the weapon armory navbar is shown in-game when a player leaves the party


  • Ammo pickups no longer give a notification for other player’s weapons
  • Party nameplates and health behaving incorrectly fixed
  • Issue fixed where the supply stash gives ammo for weapons that the player is not using


  • Various edge case mission blockers improved or fixed
  • Activities will now reward research points on completion
  • Activities soft lock edge cases fixed for Black box, Gas pump, Burrow infestation ⭐


  • No longer possible to jump out of moving dropship
  • “I don’t bleed” achievement is fixed to be rewarded only when criteria is met.


  • Fixed various player ability issues, like Amir’s Precision Strike equip, Rosie’s barrier ability effects staying on with no poles and combat high interruption issue
  • Fixed issues where the Mine Seedling and Airstrike abilities are using placeholder assets
  • Burrow infestation activity & killing fixed to now give research points
  • Gas pumps don’t give research after each gas canister or after the full activity is completed
  • Dragons Breath shotgun upgrade fire loop improvement




  • Grenade Launcher – Damage falloff has been increased encouraging more skilled placement of shots while still performing its role as a crowd controller through staggering and knockback



  • Reduced threshold to reach player level 2 from 750 xp to 500 xp

Mission Scoring

  • Improved thresholds of earning titles at mission completion
  • reduced research penalties when being downed from 20 to 10, and respawn penalty from 25 to 20



  • Rex is more aggressive in its attacks and utilizes combos more often, has slightly more health


  • Diggers have improved collisions to make shooting off bone plates more reliable
  • Electric raptor’s flashbang attack has been reworked


  • Global balance pass to enemy attack alignment to ensure attacks land more consistently

UI and Front end

  • Remapping of movement controls added
  • 21:9 implementation – Works fully in-game. Still some bugs and further work needed in the front end


  • Improved spatialization of T-Rex footsteps
  • Improved raptor footsteps and ability to find and hear them in space and when behind the player character

⭐= changes made from community feedback


More News

Second Extinction is out now

The time has come to reclaim earth!