Second Extinction

Hotfix Incoming!

Hello Recruits,

Thanks for all the support and kind words, and most of all: thanks for playing!

We are working on a hot fix coming as soon as possible to deal with some crashes on start up, rejoining parties and on shutdown. This patch will also have a fix for the “locked in map” issue. We don’t have an exact date and time but its in test right now. In the mean time if you are hitting issues please use the FAQ trouble shooting guide and keep pinging up messages on what you are finding.

On the back end we have already pushed out an update to the Apex Connect Server. Version 6.1.9 is deployed which includes some optimizations with loading the policies, fixes to twitch entitlements sometimes not paying out.

We also have a much bigger QOL (quality of life) patch getting ready to go into test. This patch fixes a huge host of different sized issues. More info on the contents and timeline for this sweet patch will be with you real soon.

Lots of love
President Gibson


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