Second Extinction

Hotfix #6 Patch Notes

Hello Extinction Elites,

Another Hotfix has just landed! Among the fixes, we’ve solved dinosaurs refusing to spawn, the error on the end date of the Seasonal Contracts, and the Thumper now having a shorter cooldown again.

We hope you enjoy the fixes. If anything seems odd or, as you like to say, borked, reach out to support here and let us know so we can give it a look and cook up a fix.

A full list of what’s been fixed can be seen below.


  • The Cave Dweller 2 contract counter error got fixed where it erroneously was resetting to 0 between missions.


  • A respawn issue got fixed where the player got stuck in mid-air after respawning.

Menu, HUD, UI, etc.

  • The player should now be able to cancel the Join Party pop-up with a gamepad.
  • An issue got fixed where an untranslated matchmaking error was shown.
  • The wrong date in the Seasonal Contracts is now corrected.


  • Sometimes the Necrosis Kylo did not spawn during the necrosis emergence events, making it impossible to complete for some players. This has now been fixed.


  • An issue got fixed where if Find Random Player was activated, the player couldn’t find a party in the lobby.
  • An issue where occasionally no enemies spawned during an extraction phase in a three-player multiplayer session has been fixed.


  • The game should no longer remain on top of the screen when it runs in the window modes Borderless or Windowed.


  • The Thumper’s cooldown has been reduced from what it was at the start of Preseason 3. The number of ‘thumps’ has been reduced to 5.⭐

⭐ = Changes made from community feedback and reports.


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