Second Extinction

Hotfix #5 Patch Notes

Hello Extinction Elites,

We have just pushed a hotfix to solve the newfound issue with the Satchel charge, the wrong month showing on top of the Seasonal Contracts, and removed some Necrotoxic immune Raptors from the Emergence Event making it hard to complete.


  • Fixed an issue where Raptors stopped getting infected by necrosis during the Emergence Event.


Abilities and Perks

  • An issue with the Satchel charge flying away has been fixed.


Avalanche Apex Connect

  • Changing language should now correctly update the Apex Connect policies.


Menu, HUD, UI etc.

  • The Seasonal Contracts no longer show the wrong month for the end of the season.
  • The Lunar New Year Nameplate and War Effort screen should no longer overlap in the loadout screen.

Known Issue

  • The thumper’s cooldown is longer than intended. The team is looking into this.

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