Second Extinction

Current State of Matchmaking

Hello all,

We’ve been getting a few reports of Matchmaking not setting you up in games that match your filters.

The tools we have for you to find other players are very much in the early stages at the moment, and as such, there are some wrinkles that we’re going to be dedicating time and effort to iron out during our Preview and Early Access period.

We’re looking to get to the source of the technical issues, but the challenge of not finding games that match your filtering preferences is something of a short-term compromise.

Our group finder works its way through several criteria to find you a game quickly by comparing the filters you have in place with those other players have enabled.

It’ll try to make the closest match based on those filters, but ultimately that goes both ways, and the closest match may be with another player with more lenient options.

Also, as our matchmaking currently doesn’t create a game but instead focuses on putting you in groups of like-minded people, you are still reliant on whoever is chosen to be the host following through on mission selection if you are placed in a lobby.

As a co-op-focused experience, we know that this isn’t an ideal solution. We are heavily invested in creating more reliable ways to get players grouped up to all player’s satisfaction.

We’re also aware of other issues affecting you in the game and are looking into solving these as fast as possible. If you run into any issues, please continue to report them here. The more information we have of the bugs, the faster we can smash them.

– The Second Extinction Team


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