Second Extinction

Hotfix #2 Patch Notes

Hello Recruits,

We hope you’re enjoying the game and taking care of the Emergence Event so we can get back to lower threat levels. We have a hotfix going into the game right now to improve the experience. Here are the details:


  • Fixed shutdown crash issue when the game was closed very early after launching it.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash that happened after rejoining a session.
  • Added a notification to show up when the game runs on a PC below the min spec requirements.
  • Updated the graphics engine and fixed rarely occurring crash issues.
  • Fixed issue where players with multiple GPUs experienced a crash upon startup.
  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking requests sent to PlayFab.
  • Changed the wrong textures on decals to the right ones.


  • Revert popup time got extended from 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Small improvements were added to video settings. This should also solve input lag issues for some players. The default window mode is changed to borderless now. It was fullscreen before.
  • Improvement for lobby handling for joining and creating a session was added.
    • Extending handshake time to a minute.
    • Adding the cancel button when joining a session.
    • Matchmaking popups are now shown only for the host.
    • Fixed overlapping popup issue for players waiting for users.
  • Increasing PlayFab Quality of Service (QoS) timeout to enable a higher likelihood of matchmaking with other players.

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