Jürgen Winter


Drawing from his experience as both a big game hunter and his time in the armed forces, Jürgen is a master sniper. Meticulous and precise in everything he does, he ensures that every shot does maximum damage. To him, every encounter with the enemy is a chance to pit his wits against the deadliest animal on the planet.

As the oldest member of the Extinction Unit, Jürgen used to fight in the German armed forces. Proving particularly skilled as a marksman, he took up hunting once he had served his time, traveling the globe in search of bigger and better trophies. Later joining the ERA as an animal conservationist, his time out in the wild left him socially detached from his fellow members, though he still cares deeply about them both on and off the battlefield. When engaging the enemy, he uses his keen aim to keep the dinosaurs at bay and off his companions’ backs.

  • Low Profile

    Jürgen becomes extremely hard to detect when crouched and stationary after a short duration.

  • Mask Scent

    Jürgen deploys a vial of pheromones that disorientates nearby enemies and renders himself and nearby players undetectable for a short period of time

  • Satchel Charge

    Deploys a sticky explosive that deals devastating damage when shot



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