Jack Mahuta


A native Pacific islander, Jack Mahuta is the ultimate team player.

Having spent a large part of his youth as a rugby player touring around the world, he is an invaluable asset to the ERA both for his physical strength and his team-focused attitude. His playful and optimistic outlook manages to shine through even in battle, as he motivates himself and his team to go further, fight harder and do better. This natural leader has a fearless attitude to danger, leads from the front and never runs from a fight.

  • Charge

    Charges through enemies, knocking enemies aside that get in his path

  • Kinetic Converter

    Kinetic Converter- Jack enters a defensive state, storing damage taken and converting it into energy that can be released in an explosive blast

  • Scrum Down

    Jack receives a damage reduction bonus dependent on the number of enemies targeting him



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