Amir Wilson


Amir avoids the thick of battle, preferring to provide support and information to his teammates. With a strategic mind and a daft hand with light weaponry, Amir is highly perceptive of his surroundings, and can spot enemies that his teammates might miss.

A second generation immigrant living in America, Amir’s roots stretch back to Syria. Before joining the ERA, he policed Miami’s inner-city and became an ideal fit for the team thanks to his expertise in light arms and tactical thinking. While he does have an arrogant streak, his skills have allowed him to survive the dinosaur attacks, and in turn landed him a place in the Extinction Unit. In battle, he drops his bad boy persona and focuses on being the eyes and ears of his team, giving invaluable support to those who need it.

  • Orbital Surveillance

    Highlights enemies in the area around Amir for a short

  • Precision Strike

    Uses the ERA Orbital Station's terraforming laser to blast a designated area

  • Situational Awareness

    Amir is aware of his surroundings. As an enemy is about to attack, Amir’s Situational Awareness flashes to warn the player